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Looking back – to Shanghai – year 1935

april 27, 2010

«The China Journal, Vol. XXII, January 1935, No. 1», editor Arthur de C. Sowerby.

by Arthur de C. Sowerby

As we enter upon the year 1935 an unmistakable feeling of optimism is in evidence on all sides.  The consensus of opinion concerning the past year is that it has been a bad one.  As events are shaping themselves we are justified in arriving at the conclusion that it has been a critical one in the history of mankind, for, by recognizing and facing up to some of the dangers that have been threatening the world, it would seem that we are well on the way to overcome those dangers and to eliminate many of the difficultis that beset the path leading to the Utopia for which all long.

In the United States of America it is claimed by those who should know that the President’s \»New Deal\» policy has resulted in definite signs of economic recovery.  Everything, as far as we can see, points that way.
There is the same feeling of optimism in the air as far as Great Britain is concerned, recent announcements having been made in the press by prominent statesmen to the effect that the corner has been turned  in the terrible depression that has prevailed during the last five years. (forts. …)